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I Miss The Internet

November 05, 2020

As I sit here somewhat depressed I’m trying to find an outlet online that I can hang out in and waste the time away without feeling bad. Since realizing that YouTube and Twitter slowly eats away at my being I worry about spending too much time on there. I do enjoy Hacker News’ comment section a lot, but I exhaust the content quickly.

Perhaps I’m looking at the past through rose colored glasses, but I miss the old internet. I miss being able to hop on PBNation and have a million threads going on about paintball. Everyone was psuedo-anonymous and just posted whatever they liked. Since then everything paintball related has moved to Facebook…which is an absolutely awful forum replacement.

All the content has become so “rich”, high definition, and…well…vanilla? I’m probably just getting old and cynical, but I do miss the simpler days of the internet. The days when I could go on individual sites dedicated to my niche interest. I feel that’s mostly all gone now. Or I just don’t know how to find them?

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