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Daily Lessons 5.24.22

May 24, 2022


  1. Amazing friends
  2. Decaf coffee
  3. Long walk days
  4. Interests outside of work
  5. Amazing parents

My parents are taking care of the dogs this week while we’re gone and last night I got the cutest text ever. She sent us a “First Night With The Pups” iOS note that was like a diary entry about how the first night went along with pictures. It was SO fun to read and I kept going t back to it today.

The thoughtfulness it took for her to spend the time to do that and send it to us just makes me smile and inspires me. I am not that selfless, or even close but want to get there.

Today I was pretty calm. I had a couple stressful moments but tried to make the best of them and it worked.

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