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May 31, 2022

As we walked down to our cabins on our last day at Piaule I had to stop and admire a beautifully restored silver BMW E30 M3. As one of my dream cars I had to stop and appreciate someone’s obvious hard work and earned dollars.

I feel the theme of my last post was me wanting to build stuff that looks cool, is unique and usable, and is of high quality. If I really break down my desire to create beautiful architecture those are the reasons.

It’s the same reason I found myself jealous of the M3’s owner. He created something beautiful and is now using it as it’s intended function and other enthusiasts get to experience something cool on the roads.

While I’m proud of the music I’ve released I have this itch to release something cool in the real world. I’ve done some cool stuff digitally, but now I’d like to venture off into creating something physical.

Hopefully the car I’ve been trying to build will satiate this envy. Great things are not easy.

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