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Architectural Design Tickles The Mind

May 30, 2022

We’re just finishing our stay at the absolutely wonderful Piaule Catskill resort and I am leaving here truly inspired. The buildings are weaved through the ever-changing landscape, while the main house is grounded atop a bluff overlooking the natural beauty.

Coming from Dallas, home of the cookie cutter, HOA-driven subdivisions, it is a refreshing and welcome change. While paging through some of the architecture books in the main house I was in awe at the creativity some of these architects have.

The mix of materials, sharpness of angles, and respect of the landscape kept tickling my brain. While some of the residences were so out of this world I could never imagine myself living there, many of them were absolute dream homes with plenty of space for the family.

I’d love to pursue this art some day. Perhaps not professionally, but being able to create something as powerful and impactful as a residential or commercial building is very driving.

Hopefully someday I’ll have the financial means to really sit down and expel some of these creative juices onto some dot paper and end up with a building that almost perfectly suits my families needs.

Until then I will keep getting inspired and learning from these truly masterful artists.

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