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Living With The Old To Appreciate The New

August 27, 2020

I’ve just moved into an amazing house with my girlfriend Madison. We’re renting and it’s a pretty great setup. A 3 bed, 2 bath house in a quiet location that’s close to a downtown core. It’s got an extra bedroom (two actually!) for my office, and a one car garage for my car.

As I pull up to the house a few weeks after moving in I get out of the car, walk over to the garage door, turn the creeky handle thing and lift up. I get back in my car, pull in, and then pull the door down before I get inside.

When we moved in the garage door opener didn’t work. The landlord said he’d fix it and it kept getting delayed…in the end I’m incredibly happy for the delays. When we finally got a new opener I kept making Madison and I leave through the garage “because it opens automagically!” I was like a 8 year old who just got a gameboy color.

Still, several weeks later I appreciate being able to sit in my car, push a button, and have the door go up. I’ve lived with garage door openers my entire life and never felt this way. They just seemed normal. But going without one, realizing it’s not that bad, and then finally having an opener makes it seem like it’s MAGIC. I really like being able to appreciate these quality of life improvements that I’ve previously taken for granted.

I’d like to unintentionally (or intentionally?) apply this to other aspects of my life but am still searching for ideas. I’ve gone without dishwashers multiple times and appreciate that thing more than you know. Same with garbage disposals.

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