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Adversity's Adversary

May 27, 2022

Daily Gratitude:

  1. Experimental chefs
  2. Amazing girlfriend
  3. Trains travel
  4. Friendly people

There was a release for something I really wanted today. A vinyl record I’ve been waiting 6+ years to come out.

I am currently on a train to upstate New York so I was praying I was going to have service. 12pm rolled around and on my 100th refresh of the page I was finally in.

I rushed to put it in my cart, trigger Apple Pay, and be greeted with my order confirmation number.

Instead I was shown the dreaded “some items in your cart are sold out” message.

To be honest I was pretty disappointed. I’d waited so long for this, did everything as fast as possible, and was still screwed.

The lesson I’m teaching myself right now is allowing myself to mourn for a couple minutes and then let it go. Which is exactly what I’ve done.

Instead, I know they will be available on the second hand market and I will be able to afford them if I really really want them.

At the end of the day it’s just a collector’s item that will not get much actual use, and is instead just a personal flex. Im proud that I didn’t let it affect the rest of my day and was able to move on without sulking for too long.

One small step towards being adversity’s biggest adversary!

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